So, I just completed my bench! I think it turned out pretty sharp. There are definitely a few mistakes I made along the way but overall it’s going to be just fine to knock back a few pops on during my busy summer months. It was a pretty inexpensive project to make but it was time consuming. It took me around 9 hours to make, but I didn’t always know what I was doing so that added a few extra hours. It’s a lot of gluing, clamping and nailing. I ended up running out of clamps midway and had to run to Dads Hardware Store. Just a great place to shop. It has all the tools a guy needs and they are free :).  I also had to ‘borrow’ my grandfathers belt sander. This thing is a beast but I should have gone with the grain at the start because it left some cut marks in the wood. A little character never hurts though. Lesson Learned

Bench build 1


Bench build 4Bench build 5.JPG


  1. You did a great job. You are pretty talented. You could sell them, if your grandfather lets you to continue to use the belter sander lol.


  2. Looks awesome Juddy. As an experienced woodworker with hundreds of projects under my belt I share your enthusiasm and love of working with your hands. Nothing else provides the same satisfaction and joy of creating something beautiful from raw wood. Keep up the great work.


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