A little Mid Century Modern

It all started over a couple of beers during a game of pool (or maybe it was table tennis?). The details are fairly foggy, but a deal was made where I would make a costume made coffee table in exchange for 3 yards of top soil and maybe some asphalt (who can’t use 3 yards of topsoil or a driveway touch up?).

I’ve built a coffee table before but this one was completely different. I found a cool looking table online and thought, “Sure, I could make this”. It ended up being harder than I expected, mostly because I built it out of 3/4 inch plywood. This was my first mistake. The boys at Kent must have given me the worst piece of plywood they could find. It looked like someone used it for target practice. They had already cut it in half and squeezed/jammed it into my rig while I was paying, so there was no turning back. I sanded it as much as I could before painting and staining, but you can still see some rough spots in certain places. Lesson learned to always pick out your own lumber!

It went together pretty nicely, though, minus the imperfections in the lumber (that gets me worked up just thinking about it). I did have a hard time putting the edging on. I wasn’t happy with my first attempt so I tore it off and tried again. I wasn’t happy with it the second time so I tore it off and did it one final time and I nailed it the third time :)! My bartering bud also wanted the table to be 18-19 inches high. I had a hard time finding legs that height, so I had to come up with a jig to make the table a little higher. Once that didn’t work I had to make another one which finally worked. I think this turned out pretty sharp. It definitely took me longer than expect with a lot of trial and error, but that’s what the learning process is all about and I love it! The next time I do this build, I should be able to avoid the kinks! No promises though. Thanks for tuning in!

Modern coffee table1modern coffee table2Modern coffee table3

modern coffee table4
Finished Product
new drill press
Special thanks to Juddyjudson Sr. for my new to me drill press!

A Pallet Island


It all started driving home from school one day when I saw a sign from ‘above’! Kidding, it was actually at the end of someone‚Äôs driveway in Mt. Stewart that said “FREE PALITS!” I assumed this meant pallets so I ventured up the driveway to find a sea of old ones. A few hard knocks on the front door and Frank appeared. After a quick chat with the shirtless gentleman, he gave me the go ahead to take what I wanted, after he asked where I was from and if I was related to George MacDonald.

So I jammed in as many pallets as I could and headed home. They were in pretty rough shape but there were a few good boards in the mix so I ripped them apart. After a few cuts on the table-saw to square them up, a little glue, a few clamps and a lot of sanding, they started to take shape. I’ve made this Island already so I just traced the one I had onto the boards. I don’t have a bandsaw at home so I use my schools or dads. It is a little inconvenient spending my lunch hours in the shop or running over to my parents to use my dad’s. But during last Sunday’s dinner I was telling/showing Juddy Judson Sr. about my projects and how I didn’t have a bandsaw. He suggested I use a skillsaw and that he just happened to have one. A half hour later I was in his shop and had a ‘long term loan’ of his (he said the same for the belt sander). This tool made my cuts a lot smoother, easier and faster. I did end up breaking several blades at the start before I learned how to use it correctly. I think they turned out pretty cool with the rustic looking wood. I hope my FIRST customer, Roberta D., likes them!

Pallet Island 3
Notice the knee bend and concentration. Wood working 101

Pallet Island

pallet Island 4
Ready for pickup!