I’m usually a pretty modest guy  but I must say this build turned out pretty unreal if you’re asking me! I was pretty nervous to even attempt this build when my longtime friend asked me to build this for her family  as they are moving into a beautiful new home. A kitchen table is usually the focal point of any house and to have my name attached to such an important piece of furniture definitely made me hesitate and question my woodworking abilities. You know, what happens if this thing turns out wobblier than the Sweeping Beauties leaving Hunters after a big Tuesday night win? (Sweeping Beauties are an up and coming curling team. #Brierin2) So I felt some pressure to do an unreal job. The table was huge, coming in at 9 feet by 4 feet with a 6 foot bench, so they couldn’t exactly hide this in the backroom if they didn’t like it. Plus we are dealing with cost of material as well. These things kept me up a few nights before I started the build. That and I couldn’t believe Jojo picked Jordan…lol

I went to the hardware store with a rough idea of how I wanted to build it. No set plans of course. My apprentice also came with me (more on that later). We ended up running into a lumber distributor and started asking him some questions about his wood. He ended up suggesting going a different route with the table and pointed us in the right direction. I’m certainly glad we ran into him. Good fella. It made the build run a lot smoother than it may have gone!

Overall I think this was the most challenging build I’ve tackled yet. That being said, I had some help and guidance throughout the process. My dad suggested using pocket holes instead of using the biscuit joiner to attach the top. I’m sure glad he did because the pocket holes are so much easier! Saved me a lot of time. I also had an apprentice for the first half of the build. It just so happens he has been my summer roommate the last two summers so it was an easy transition. It was my first time having one but he kept the coffees hot and the beers within an arms reach. So special thanks to Patrick Dwyer. In all honestly, I’ve learned a great deal from Pat. He is a pretty great woodworker and not a bad guy. Having him around made the build go smoother, faster and a lot of fun. It was a pleasure having you in my shop!

Thanks again to Kerri and Chris for trusting me with this build. Courtney, for loving sawdust all over the house  and those who take the time to read this. If anyone is looking for table, feel free to contact me. My prices would beat Hashem’s if he sold or made kitchen tables! Pictures below of the build in sequence.

Ready for pocket holes, glue and clamps


my work station collapsed. Threw my body under the table to save my work mid sand.
I made the legs and used dowels. Mostly because I thought they would look cool.
Again, I wanted to make sure this thing was rock solid so I used two bolts for each leg. 
Sanded the guts out of it. 
Ready for the white wash stain!
White washed compete
Picture ready for the Guardian… 


  1. Wow that looks awesome!! Pretty ballsy to tackle such a major piece of furniture. Great job. BTW that’s a killer looking Harley in the first pic. You ARE a bad ass dude for real!!!


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