Well, it’s been well over a month since I’ve last shared a build. I’ve had a few people asking when the next post is going to be out and what I’ve been building (Imagine people asking about this). I recently made a bench and some planters. Since I’ve already built a bench, I decided not to write up another post on it. I’ll share a few pictures below. I ended up changing the design slightly and went with a different stain. It turned out pretty nice and my customers were happy! I think, they paid regardless…

I’ve also just finished an entryway table I built for our house. I think this turned out pretty nice. It was another new build and design. I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like and went for it. It actually went a lot smoother than other builds. I think maybe because I am starting to figure out what I’m doing. Not always, but I’m definitely seeing an improvement in my work. I’ll share a few pictures of the build process below.

I also have some pretty exciting news:

1. The wedding is still a go for next week. So that’s pretty unreal.

2. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the famous PEI Dirt Shirt! (The original, not the shitty knockoffs) Well, you will be able to find Juddy Judson Builds at their three locations, Spring 2017!!! Peaks Quay, Cavendish, and Summerside.  The owners are awesome people and the story behind the Dirt Shirt itself is incredible, not to mention motivating. I’m obviously pumped to have this opportunity.  Who would have thought you’d be able to find my builds in a real store? Certainly not me! To celebrate I went out and bought myself a new saw with the money I made from previous builds. I still owe $300 on my home Depot card, though. It would have probably been easier/faster to collect bottles on the side of the road but I’m learning and it’s become pretty therapeutic. A win-win.

I’m going to be building benches, wooden PEI’s, toys and whatever else I can master. I’ve been building prototypes and working out some design details (sounds so professional!). I’ll be trying to dye most builds in PEI dirt to go with the dirt shirt theme. I’m also going be building picture frames and collaborating with a local photographer and friend, Patrick Keefe. The guy takes awesome pictures from all across the Island. Check him out on Instagram @altnortheast.

It’s been an exciting year for Juddy Judson Builds. Special thanks again to everyone who supports what I’m doing. It’s been a lot of fun! I just ordered business cards and put another ordered in for Juddy Judson Builds t-shirts. There has also been some discussion of building a new shop detached from the house. I can already picture how cool this shop is going to be. Still in negotiations, though. I’ll bring this up further once my finance becomes my wife and signs off on the marriage!

Big shoutout to my pal Ryan Keliher in the completion of his book. Check it out ryankeliher.wordpress.com

Thanks again for reading!

-Measure twice, cut once then force it to fit-


Batter up




  1. Great post buddy! Good to see you giving other islander entrepreneurs a shout out, and great to see the juddy judson builds venture gaining more steam! Great looking pieces.

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