Merry Christmas everyone! I thought I’d share this build because it’s a little different from my previous builds and it turned out super cool! This build started when my bud, Jeremy, sent me a picture and asked if I could tackle something this like. I said of course! I mean what’s the worst that could happen? I screw it up and sell it to him anyway because I mean, he can’t say he doesn’t like it and ask for his money back! That’s not how this works. Kidding. All my builds are life time guarantee ;). He is actually my first time returning customer. I built him a rocky coffee table, which was one of my first builds. Still trying to forget about that one. I’m pretty sure they just bring it out and toss some magazines on it when they know I’m coming over. So when he sent me a picture of another build to do, I really wanted to show my craftsmanship so he’d still be friends with me. It’s basically art and a focal point of their living room, plus I couldn’t have him have two shitty builds in one room. Not a great way to build a reputation as a satisfactory woodworker or as a friend. I personally think it turned out awesome. Check out the build process below.
On a side note, my addiction for building everything and anything has been slowly taking over my life. My wife has been very, very patient with me. Thank-you.


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