So this was a build for my wife. She wanted a new makeup desk and I love wood and her so I thought I better build her one. I wanted to build it big enough so she can get her equipment laid out, enough space for her mirror and laptop so she can watch her makeup tutorials, snapchats, Say Yes to the Dress, and MTV shows while she is getting ready. All high quality television programs.

The build was pretty time consuming for me. I think it’s because I am becoming very critical of my work and want it to be perfect, just like my wife :/.  She’s also currently growing our first child in her womb so that’s pretty special. I also may have ulterior motives for all this. It’s a work in progress but how awesome would a cedar workshop in our backyard be? Pretty incredible if you’re asking me! 

 I personally think this turned out awesome!  I actually had a plan for this build and had drawn it out with measurements properly documented. This worked out real well. I only had to make 3 extra trips back to the depot to get the materials I didn’t factor in let alone the mistakes I made. But, I think I’m improving and I may have made the jump from a Squirts wood worker to Novice.

 Check out the build below.

Getting ready for Ellen’s Design Challenge


My screws were too long. Back to the depot for more lumber.


Nailed it.

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