Your day has been made. Finally another build. Well, more of an update on all the shop news. It’s hard to believe I started doing this a year ago! I’ve recently calculated my hourly wage for the year and it came in at $2.35! So obviously business has been steady the last few months with orders and to be honest some turned out nice.  I do owe a lot of credit to my good friend, Wood Filler.  He’s a real good fella. My confidence in the shop is definitely increasing and  is hovering around 32% when it comes to my skills. It’s still intimidating trying to build something new but that’s the only way to improve so I do it anyway (so wise). I could make it easier on myself and have a plan laid out but I’ve yet to tackle that demon. All the shop time has also allowed my ‘shop beers’ skills to improve over the winter months. My wife is very proud of me.

In shop news:

  • I’m going to be a Dad here real soon so I’ve had the opportunity to build a lot of things for my daughters room.
  • I’ve recently moved my shop from the basement to the garage, which is a bigger and better space. It allows me to breath properly. Sawdust doesn’t seem be in every nook and cranny of the house. My wife also can’t hear the saws running and the loud fucks as much.  My beer fridge is also located in the garage. All great reasons.
  • I’ve decided to not get a golf membership this year and put that money and time towards lumber to build a Kayak. My neighbor, Scott, lent me the plans to build one so I’m pumped to start building this. He is an awesome fella and I’m sure I’ll be calling him for help. I have a couple of orders to finish first though. One being a massive wedding arch (hopefully it doesn’t fall and take out the bride)  and a faux fire place. I built the fire place yesterday. I literally made three trips to the depot because I kept forgetting things on my list. My mind is a zoo at times and I lose my train of thought pretty regularly. (Courtney’s favorite thing about me)


Check out my recent builds below and stay tuned for what should be a fun adventure building a kayak. It’s been fun building my way through this learning curve.


sofa table and two end tables
I built these two end tables and sofa tables for my sister. The dog is my other girl, Araya.
wooden heart
I built this heart for my soon-to-be daughter’s room.









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