Hey Guys, I’m back! It’s been a busy couple months both in the shop and in the house. My wife and I recently became parents to a beautiful baby girl, Everly Grace Judson. I want to kiss her face right off.  It’s a pretty special thing! One would think my productivity in the shop would slow down but it has stayed pretty much the same. I have a pretty incredible wife!

I’ve finished building a custom built-in bench with storage for one of my oldest pals. I had built a toy box which is basically a bench with storage so I felt like I knew what I was doing. I didn’t really. It was tricky to build it in my shop and not on site.  Their house is over 80 years old so not everything was completely square, which made it harder to get accurate measurements. I decided to build it in steps rather than all at once, just to make sure everything fit. So, in the end, it didn’t fit lol. It was pretty close though! I think it turned out pretty awesome and nothing a little caulking and paint can’t hide! They were happy with it! I think they were. I got a delicious bottle of whiskey out of it so I was happy!

In other shop news, I recently got a new logo made and bought a branding iron to burn it into my builds. Obviously, super pumped about this (if anyone wants a free tattoo, swing over)!  I also just finished building a sandwich board for the new Gahan House in St. John. I assume people will travel a great distance to see this beautiful sandwich board.  It was  pretty exciting to build something for a business that is pretty big, even if it is just a sandwich board. I was just excited they asked me!  Support local, right?! I do have a real dandy story about this build and trying to find black dry-erase boards (which are way nicer than chalk) but it’s too long for this post so I’ll leave it for next time!

I also just finished a pair of end tables. These clients (friends) are returning customers and this is the fifth thing I’ve built for them!!!! Isn’t that crazy? I am super happy with how they turned out and I even designed and sketched them up with measurements to go with them before I started! Life changing!!

Check out a few of my builds from the last few months below.

Again, I appreciate all the awesome feed back. I am just a novice woodworker but I’ll build anything even if I make mistakes. That’s how you learn.  This all just started out as a picture frame to win over my wife (worked like a charm) and now to see people/businesses actually like what I’m building only adds fuel to my obsession! Who knows, maybe I’ll make it big and Sara Fraser will interview me.




Pretty cool, right!
cool, right!!!
Made for Jack Eamer
The greatest thing I helped build 🙂
I built four arbors over the summer. This one was for some special neighbours!
I was in the garage working on this thing when my wife went into labour. Managed to finish it before we went to the hospital lol
It’s a mirror.
Big Will Holland


nice right!!

IMG_0247IMG_0246 (1)IMG_0314IMG_0315

She’ll grow into it


Juddy Judson Builds

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