Well, it’s Christmas season and orders have been picking up and I’ve been getting behind!  It’s a great thing but it definitely can be overwhelming as I take on too many builds. I’ve been getting up before work in the mornings to stay on top of things. I figured if I get up two hours earlier every day, I’m gaining 14 hours of shop time a week and hopefully,  I can be very productive since everyone is sleeping. Thankfully the saws and air compressor running at 5 A.M don’t seem to wake anyone!

For this build, I was asked to build a modern farmhouse coffee table. My client (lol @ client) sent me a few pictures of what she was looking for and I just combined both pictures to build one awesome table. I think it turned out great! I definitely made a few mistakes on this one that ended up costing me hours of sanding. I will not make that mistake again.  It’s the third time I’ve made the same mistake when it comes to staining. Will it be my last? Probably not. See the build process below!

In other news, I’m still waiting to hear back about writing for a website (that still makes me laugh) but I did receive word that I will be building 50 sandwich boards for the Murphy’s Group!!! That’s a lot of sandwich boards! They would like them finished for the spring but I am a little nervous about my biggest project to date. I’m not dealing with a small order or a small amount of money. Lumber and materials are expensive, not to mention trying to factor in all the other variables when coming up with a quote (let’s hope I didn’t screw that up). For the sandwich boards, I’m using black dry erase boards that can be used with neon markers. They are much cleaner and nicer looking than chalkboards but I had a real difficult time finding a company that sold them. I ended up finding one but they are located in Cincinnati!  I’m thinking ‘How am I going to get 100 (two per board) of them across the border without paying a shit-tonne of duty on top of  sales tax!?’. After a lot of research on how I was going to get around this, the decision was made to officially make Juddy Judson Builds a business! So now the government can come after me for the $656 dollars I made in profit this year. But it is still awesome and I’m pumped to be able to do this! They must have liked the one I made for the Gahan in St. John. Hopefully it’s still standing!

So yeah, now I’m the CEO and owner of a woodworking company that probably loses money!!


Merry Christmas Everyone


FullSizeRender (1)
My good friend Katie couldn’t believe her eyes!!

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