Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start! It’s been tough not having a bottle of baileys in my coffee every morning. It was a good run.

Shop orders have been piling up. I finished up a barn door, floating shelves and a coffee bar/table. I was pretty happy with how they turned out and they were both returning customers, which is important to me. However, I did have my first complaint!!! Not really a complaint, but one of the drawer slides on a set of end tables I built isn’t working properly. I know which one it is too because I lost my shit installing it.. several times. I have no problem fixing it and I’m glad it was brought up. Everything I build is 100% guaranteed. If it breaks, I’ll fix it.  But, I’m never building anything for them again…. Kidding, they are my top customers.

For my next builds I have:

  1. A pretty big order of 50 sandwich boards to complete for the spring. Each one takes me a little over two hours to complete. Let’s say it will take me 100 + hours. My plan is to work 4:45 am – 6:45 am and again 6-8 pm. If I can finish 10 a week, I’d be pretty happy. Hopefully I will have everything finished by the end of March! I have a lot of work ahead of me.
  2.  One of the schools I work at (I work at two) asked me to build them a library book return. I’m going to build it basically like a tiny house where the roof opens up to return the books. It should work. I think.
  3. I’m building a boat shaped bookshelf and kids table with chairs for my curling teammate.
  4. I’ve also been getting my materials ready to tackle my kayak! I’ve kayaked twice in my life so I figured I should invest countless hours and a fair bit of money instead of finding one on Kijiji. I’m addicted and have been finding a few things on there. I’m basically the king of Kijiji (I’m serious). I also thought it was a good idea to build two kayaks. Can’t go drinking beers in a kayak by yourself. That’s no fun!

I’m getting anxiety just writing about the things on my build list. As always, check out a few of my latest builds and a glimpse of the process below. I’ve been trying to work on my photography skills, which isn’t going awesome but I’ll get there! (see last post if you don’t know why)

Well that’s it. First post of the New Year! I’m excited to see where it takes me. I’m excited to see what treasures they find on Oak Island and which lucky girl wins Arie’s heart on the Bachelor. My moneys on Bekah. All great things to look forward to! Have a great weekend everyone!

Meet my hired hand. Shawn Doogs Meals MacDougall. He’s a tremendous friend/cousin and growing up I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere or do anything unless he was also going. He may have been the mature one… maybe. Anyway I hired him to sand his own order. Didn’t pay him.
He has a great work ethic
Deep in thought
I made these little brackets for the shelf to sit on.


First drink at the new coffee/bar.
In its new home
How to build- A barn door: Build a frame 2 inches bigger than your door opening
Buy tongue and grove boards. Glue and screw them to frame.
Use a circular saw to cut the boards to fit frame
Clamp them to frame
IMG_1077 (1)
Stain the door and you’re finished. Congratulations, you just built a barn door!
Floating shelfs



This is the bracket you screw into the wall and simply slide the shelf onto it.
Little bit of stain and a lot of booze and you have yourself a bar.

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