The World’s Biggest Bird House.

Kidding. It’s not a bird house (it could be though), it’s actually a book return for Mt. Stewart Consolidated. Our school is revamping the library and a few staff got wind about my little hobby (I had a few beers at a staff function and started talking about woodworking). Four months later, I’m building my first build for the government! I was given pretty much free rein to build whatever I wanted. The library team showed me a few pictures of what they had in mind and away I went! I’ll go through a step by step process of the build because I know many of you were wondering how to build a library book return.
This build was rather time consuming (probably because I had no plans and just made it up as I went). I bought two sheets of plywood and broke them down at home. With two 4×8 sheets of plywood jammed into my 12×16 shop, the furnace running pretty heavily beside me, cords and tools littered across the floor and workbench and sawdust making it look like White Jaun (I could hardly see my slippers), it was pretty hot, stuffy quarters down there. I need to work on putting things away after I use them rather than at the end of the build. My wife would also probably appreciate it if I practiced this around the house, too.

I won’t waste any more of your time. Everyone’s here to see my photography skills. But first, I want to give a shout out to my mentor. If you’re from the Cardigan area, you likely know Mr. Roger Kelly. He’s the shop teacher at Morell High (I rotate days between Morell High and Mt. Stewart Consolidated). I typically ask him 45 837 questions a day. I honestly get to school and trouble shoot my builds or show him what I’m building. He is a big help to me. He’s probably sick of seeing my face but he continues to show me new skills and tricks, and like any good teacher, he is a patient man. He likely will never read this, as I’m not sure he knows what the internet is, but thank you Mr. Kelly! You’re a good man– I don’t care what anyone says!!

Check out the build process below. Again, thanks for the support! The blog has just surpassed 11,000 hits. I’m not really too sure what that all means but I do think that’s a lot. So I’ll keep the builds coming, Stay tuned!

First things first, I marked where I needed to break down my sheets of plywood.
Cut to length.
Cut to width.
Boom, you have two sides. I clamped both sheets together while making these cuts so they would be the exact same.
Pre-drilled pilot holes so the wood wouldn’t split.
Glued and screwed.
Taking shape
Support brace.
Attaching the top I counter sunk the screws in one side. I put tape on the bit to prevent me from drilling too deep. (I drilled too far). The other side flips up.
I screwed the roof down then plugged the holes with dowels.
I cut these off with a flush trim saw.
I attached a piano hinge on the other side of the roof.
Screwed up here, (literally) but nothing glue and sawdust can’t fix!!
Two doors will go on the back for easier access to get the books out.
For the books to slide in. I drilled 4 (pretty) symmetrical holes so my jig saw blade would fit in.
like so.
Now you have a book slide.
I trimmed it in to prevent splinters.


I trimmed it all around the perimeter. I originally stained the roof grey but I didn’t like the contrast.
So I sanded it all off and went with a walnut.
Next, I printed off my letters for the front. I glued them to pieces of wood and cut them out.
The E broke. I just glued it back together.
A little paint and you can’t even tell!
Hired a model to showcase the build. She immediately shit her pants in excitement.

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