Hey everyone, I’m back! I haven’t blogged in a dogs age. So Approximately 7 years. I haven’t given up wood working. I’ve been busier than Aubrey’s bottle exchange on a Saturday morning of a long weekend. I’ve been building lots of things but haven’t been able to sit down long enough and write about it (blame it on the ADD) but I am really excited about this build! I really dig mid-century furniture and I really love Scandinavian design. I like natural tones with clean, simple lines and I think this build fits that description perfectly. I’m actually addicted!!

This build took a fair amount of time but it was totally worth it. I bought all rough lumber. This was the first time I jointed and planned all my own lumber for a build. I usually buy it surfaced on four sides but it’s more expensive so I thought I’d try and save some money. But you know what they say; Time is money, money is time (that makes sense, right?).  It puts me in a bit of a conundrum because my shop time certainly isn’t what it use to be with the addition of our new, beautiful baby boy TUCKER (See picture below) and milling my own lumber takes up a lot of time. It also saves a lot of money which puts it back into my tool budget.. You get what I’m saying??

Speaking of tool budget,  I finally got out of debt (for my shop)!!! I did it in less than a year! That was my goal. There were definitely a few bumps along the way. This is actually the second time I had it paid off but lets not go down that winding, bumpy, icy road right now. But I did achieved my goal so I decided to invest back into this passion of mine and bought some tools that are definitely going to up my game and make me a better woodworker.It might just take me another year to pay them off.

Lets jump into the build. I built this bed for a good friend/colleague. I hope she likes it.

First I had to mill all the wood down to proper thickness and width
This is my new tool. It is a dream. It is for making a floating tenon.
These are called dominoes and go into holes.
like so.
It makes glue ups go a lot smoother.
I attached the rail for the bed slats to sit on.
Glued those puppies down
I had to come up with a way to attach the headboard to the base. I used threaded inserts to allow for wood movement.
I used a straw to get all the glue squeezed out. It works well.
There were a few voids in the inside of the bed. I filled them with epoxy to keep them from spreading


I put 6 coats of finish on her.
Rounded over all the edges.
Put it together. She was rock solid.
I drilled my holes for the inserts.


I rounded over the headboard. I used my whiskey glass to help.
Like so.
Squared everything off with my new track saw. I love this thing.
Test fitted.
I brought Everly’s mattress down to make sure it fit. I nearly shit my pants when it didn’t. I think I did actually.  But then I realized it was a double and not a queen.
So I took the mattress back up stairs and dragged a queen down.Thank fuck it fit!!


I think she is a real knockout. I am calling it ‘ The Everly”. I’m going to name my furniture from now on.
I also built this bookcase in the middle of the bed build because I promised my wife a year ago I would. This piece is called ‘Tuck’. I think it turned out nice.
This is me and our brand new baby boy, Tucker. I could eat his face off I love him so much.
I could also eat her face off. It’s usually covered in peanut butter and Popsicles

There you have it! I’m pretty pleased with how this one turned out. I really love the simplicity of it. I’m sure I’ll be building one for us in the near future. But next I’m building us a kitchen table with a similar design to the bed. How many ways can you build a kitchen table? But yeah, thanks for checking it out and I hope everyone had a great summer. Stay tuned for a bunch more builds.


Keep your tools scattered in weird places so you can never find anything,


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