It’s something I will always remember doing with my sweet girl. When I was a little kid, we had a dog named Max. Before he started biting the neighbours and had to go to the farm, he had a little dog house under the stairs. I remember climbing in his there and loving it. I try my best to stay out of the doghouse now. Easier said than done.

In our basement, we have a closet under the stairs that was jammed with Christmas ornaments dating back to the early 80’s, a wreath for every season and 548 gift bags for every occasion. My wife likes to collect these. Some might say it’s a hobby. Anyway, I always wanted to do something with this space and one Friday night around 5 o’clock, I decided that would be a perfect time to start and an even better time to push the 10 other projects I have on the go to the side. So that’s what I did. We tackled this project Friday evening and finished it Saturday evening. It was nothing overly complicated but I built it with my daughter and it is a memory I will never forget. I hope her and Tucker have a childhood full of great memories in there. It is way to stinking cute not to share and I hope one day she reads her Daddy’s blog and laughs and smiles at it. So settle in and enjoy the amazing, high quality movie I made. I bet all my money that you will smile, too, and your heart might even burst, so be careful (I actually don’t have any money. It’s all sunk in expensive tools but my wager still holds.)

So there you have it. A little place for my children to play or for me to sleep.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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