Hey everyone!

I hope whoever’s eyes land on these words, that you are doing well. I hope that you smile a lot and that your worries are small. I can’t remember where I last left you but I know I hammered out a few projects in the last couple of months. I switched out (most) of my shop beers for shop Bubly’s, which has helped my productivity, and I have been getting less distracted (thanks meds…or maybe it’s because my time is more valuable/limited). I literally loose myself in the shop. I picked up some sweet new headphones and I have been crushing audio books. I am a huge audiobook fan, but maybe that is just because I am a poor reader. I actually have always struggled in the academia world. I think people just got sick of my face and passed me anyway. Worked out well for me.

Okay, so let’s talk about the shop. I have been slowly working on it and making it a space where I feel inspired to build. It is coming together. I’ll do a shop tour soon and give you all a glimpse. I have some sweet projects that I’m working on to make it even cooler. I’ve been investing in the business and myself a lot lately. I’m buying tools that allow me to work smarter and faster. They are more precise, which make my builds that much better. I invested in a new table saw called the Saw Stop. It’s a really nice saw. It has a safety device that doesn’t allow you to cut off a finger/fingers or limbs. It has sensors that detect flesh and automatically stops. Thankfully, I haven’t tested this feature out yet and I sure hope I never do. It can happen so quickly but this saw prevents it! I kept thinking that I wouldn’t be able to play catch with my kids if something were to happen. I know this would be the least of my problems but I am dying to toss the ball around with my children. I’ll leave a video here and you can check the saw out in action. I also got a new-to-me truck. Woohoo! Oh boy, is it ever nice. It feels good to chuck wood into the back. I can deliver furniture much easier. I also like going on dump runs and taking the bottles back or finding good deals on Kijiji. I bought a big deck last week in Summerside and hauled a big trailer up to pick it up. I got it for $20 and put it at our rental property. That easily saved me over $1000 so I can take that off the sticker price, Courtney!! However, I ended up denting the truck on my deck adventure (long story). However, don’t worry. I watched a YouTube video and was out sanding my truck and using body filler as if I knew what I was doing. The paint job wasn’t too bad either. For all of your bodywork needs, please feel free to reach out.

Imagine this was your finger.

Okay, enough about me and more about the builds.  Hold on tight.

I built some other things.

To finish things off…

Well, there you have it. A few builds and a story of a growing business. I’m currently building a kitchen table. It’s going to be beautiful. I want to add a basement to the tree house soon and I am adding a deck to the shop with some lights. My buddy, Meals MacDougall, who just had a beautiful baby boy, is renovating his house and had a big deck up for grabs. It’s going to be awesome. I have lots of projects on my mind. I just need to remember to take one thing at a time. Lately, I’ve been building multiple things at once. I can’t seem to say no because I love the challenge. I hope you all have a wonderful spring and the next time I sit down to write a blog it will probably be the end of summer or Christmas. Your guess is as good as mine.

Thanks to everyone who supports me. One of my favourite things is working with clients. I get to reconnect with people I may not have spoken to in years or get to know someone new. I try to make it an engaging experience for everyone. I send lots of pictures and we chat pretty frequently. It’s like the beginning of a new friendship. I like it and I hope you/they do, too. Well, that’s all I really have to say today.

Talk soon,


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