Hey, My name is Brett but most people call me Juddy. I am new to the wood working community. I am a Resource Teacher but have always had an interest in wood working. As I got older and my interests changed, I found myself wanting to create and build things with my own hands. There is something very satisfying about building  something with your hands. Not to mention how awesome it is when someone takes the time and effort to make you something special. You tend to cherish these items a little more and remember where they came from. Whether it was that tacky knitted sweater, your favorite pair of mittens your Nan made you (lost at hunters :(), you tend to keep these things forever and maybe even pass them down one day. I’ve always appreciated the craftsmanship my father and grandfather put into their projects. I still have my first tool box my Dad built for me and an abundance of wooden toys my grandfather (Juddy Judson Sr.) made in his shop. I’m certainly not expecting to make it rich from selling toy cars or whatever it is I may try to build.  I do hope I can build a few things that people like and enjoy as much as I did building them. So, I thought I’d create this site for those who would like to see what I’m building and maybe you’ll see something you like!

Thanks for visiting

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